Job Interview Books

Best Answers to the 201 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions features more answers to more questions than any other job interviewing guide. Sell yourself with style and win the interview game! The most crucial part of your job search is knowing how to respond to the toughest interview questions because the best candidate doesn’t necessarily get the job….the best interviewee does! In Best Answers to the 201 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions, expert Matthew J. DeLuca reveals the secret agenda behind every kind of question interviewers ask, and prepares you to answer them all. Never again be at loss for words when an interviewer hits you with an icebreaker…thought provoker…curve ball…stress tester…and even an illegal question that shouldn’t be asked but needs an answer.

Sell Yourself! Master the Job Interview Process teaches individuals, from all walks of life, to sell and promote themselves during the job interview process. Written by Jane Williams, best-selling author of the Insider’s Guide to the World of Pharmaceutical Sales, this book provides the necessary insight, information, and tools needed for a job seeker to successfully attain their desired position. The one thing that all successful job seekers have in common is a well developed ability to sell themselves. This is true regardless of whether you have applied for a sales position, teaching position, administrative position, graphic design position, or any other position. The best salesperson always gets the job!

Actors specialize in the skills you need to excel at interviews: self-confidence, verbal communication and body language, and knowing how to project the desired image. Here, the directors of a consulting firm that applies acting techniques to success in the business world share their step-by-step training program to help you ace your own “audition.” You’ll learn trade secrets for conquering stage fright, how to research the “role” you’re applying for, how to look the part, how to deal with job-hunting stress–and how to use simple exercises for effective verbal and physical communication. With each interview, the curtain rises on a new opportunity. With the seven steps in this book, you can get ready to take a bow!

Written for all job seekers – new entrants, midlevel people, very experienced individuals, and technical and non-technical job seekers – Job Interviews For Dummies is packed with the building blocks of show-stopping interviews. These range from strategies and techniques to sample dialogue and research tips. Interviewing for a job is kind of like a stage performance, and if you want metaphorical standing ovations, then follow the guidelines offered in these pages.

In this book, you’ll explore the basics of interviewing, from how to dress to how to answer all sorts of questions – questions about you, your interest in the company, your experience, you education and training, your skills, your age, and questions they shouldn’t ask but sometimes do anyway. You’ll also uncover information about

Practicing for your interview, and why it’s so important
Recognizing the mind games of job testing
Wooing reviewers who give you good references
Identifying various interviewing scenarios which you should expect
Answering questions to sell yourself.
Understanding new interviewing technology, such as telephone interviews and video transmissions.
On the stress scale, interviewing for a job ranks with making speeches before a vegetable-throwing crowd. Stress is such a big issue that some interviewees take tranquilizers or beta blockers to reduce it. A better way exists: Master the job-interviewing process. Get the winning ways down pat, and you’ll have a special kind of insurance the rest of your working days. This guide can help.

Asking the right questions can help job seekers ace the interview and land the job. The most critical question job interviewers ask is often the last one. That’s when they lean forward and say, “Do you have any questions?” As author John Kador points out, that’s the applicants’ moment to shine, to demonstrate that they have done their homework and that they’re good fit with the organization. Most of all, it provides the job applicant with an opportunity to ask for the job. A powerful resource for vast and growing numbers of job seekers, this book fills readers in on the pivotal questions they need to ask to ace the interview. With chapters organized around major themes, such as “the company,” “the job,” and “the community,” 201 Best Questions to Ask on Your Interview not only supplies job seekers with the right questions for virtually every context but also coaches them on the right ways to ask.

In this easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide, author, psychologist, and career expert Dr. Paul Powers shows job hunters how to find and land a job they love. Winning Job Interviews demystifies job interviewing, explains why the process actually favors the job seeker, and shows how you can dramatically improve your interviewing success. Winning Job Interviews is packed with insider tips Dr. Paul has learned from over twenty years of working with job hunters, career changers, employment managers, outplacement specialists, and executive recruiters. In this book, you will learn how to:

Overcome the “deadly dozen” roadblocks to effective job hunting.
Out-prepare your competition.
Predict 90% of the questions you’ll be asked.
Always have a fail-safe answer for even the toughest question.
Use time-tested, super sales techniques to subtly pave the road to the job offer you want.
Packed with solid, practical information and laced with both humor and “kick in the pants” motivation, Winning Job Interviews is the book you wished you had before your last interview.